A Venezuelan native, Jesús Rivas is the world’s authority in the biology the green anaconda.  Sorrounded by fiction, and myth anacondas remain one of the least known of the earth’s  large predators.; and one with the most missconceptions.  This book presents  scientific and technical information about  anaconda biology, from the first, and so far only, comprehensive field based study the biology world’s largest snake.


  With full color illustrations, this books presents the first, and so far the only, study of green anacondas in the wild.  While studies tend to be more laboratory based, this book present the results of long years of field data collection.  Living in the field and "waking up in the job" the author believes, is the best way to really get to know an animal. While the emphasis of the study is on reproductive biology the author summarizes other aspects of the natural history of this, the world's largest snake.    


 This book is a required reading for anyone interested in ecology of large predators, snake natural history, or tropical ecology.  While this books contains a lot of scientific and technical information, the results are discussed in plain English.


Jesus Rivas currently teaches biology at New Mexico Highlands University


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